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What Doctor Erling Thom has to say about Har Vokse:

Hair Loss Treatment for You


Is Your Hair Falling Off Uncontrollably? With a lot of money spent on watching your weight and having the best skin services and products, you cannot afford to let your hair let you down causing unwanted panic. The hair is a very important asset to many.

Most people rely on their hair to give them identity. This says a lot on what one has to go through when faced with hair crisis. Watching your hair getting destroyed and having nothing to do about it may cause a lot of misery, stress, depression and anxiety. Moreover, it could lower yourself-esteem.

hair loss problemHowever desperate your case may be; it is very important to visit a specialist. This helps you know what exactly causes your hair loss. Some hair loss problems could be permanent while others temporary. It is advisable that before deciding to take any medication, you should know the condition causing your problem. Failure to do this could make your situation more difficult and expensive to handle. Many hair loss problems could be due to pregnancy, illness, hereditary disorders, chemotherapy, medications and other reasons.

Today in the market, many different hair products could confuse you when it comes to getting the right one. These products all range from pills, supplements, oils and many others. One of the products that could help you in your hair loss issue is Har Vokse. This product has been proven to help you restore your hair. It is common to celebrities hence, worth your try.

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Har Vokse Reviews


This product aims to restore hair for both men and women. It is clinically tested proving effective in the re-growth of damaged hair. This product was first made in Norway where the scientists were examining how fish protein affects hair loss. It was proven that this is the ultimate hair restoration solution. It has a double effect on thicker and beautiful hair growing and inhibits hair loss. Har Voske provides this in two stages, the spray and supplements.

The spray simply washes the scalp and hair. This enhances the nourishment of the roots causing the hair to be stronger, thicker and gives it that healthy look.

On the other hand, the supplements inhibit the loss of hair from its source. It creates re-growth leading to hair that is thicker and shining.




This product contains various ingredients to make it effective. The ingredients are all natural, combined to bring out the usefulness of this drug. They include:

  • Marine Polysaccharides

har vokse ingredientsThis is the main ingredient of Har Voske. It controls the production of cells in the skin enhancing the hair follicle function and re-growth of hair. This generally maintains the growth of hair normally.

  • HairGain TM

This generally enhances hair growth.

  • Amino acids

They improve and protect the hair as it grows. This proves that the product has long lasting effects.

  • Zinc gluconate

Zinc present in the product improves most metabolic activities that take place in the body. This ingredient generally helps in accelerating the recovery of the hair follicle after hair growth and stops the regression of the hair follicles.

  • Grape skin extracts

This mainly acts as an antioxidant. It is involved in giving the cells protective effects. It also enhances blood flow to the hair cells enabling absorption of nutrients. This promotes the growth of healthy hair and proper functioning of the body cells like in implication of cells in hair growth.

  • Vitamin B complex

This helps in giving hair health and promotes its lustre.

  • Vitamin E and C

These vitamins perform the same function in Har Voske. They increase the activity of the grape seed extracts leading to hair cell protection and enhances the follicles blood flow.

  • Chlorophyll

This helps increase the hair mass and assists in hair growth.

Side Effects


Har Vokse is known to be 100% natural. It has a combination of natural herbs and useful vitamins. These assist in adding nutrients to the hair cells. Har Vokse has gone through many tests. They do not show any consistent side effects. In fact, they cause skin and nail improvement to the clients who have used it. Some people may have allergic reactions towards specific ingredients. It is highly advisable that when you experience peculiar signs, you seek medical advice.

How Har Vokse help you to gain your hair back?


This product is effective through its two-step solution. It has,

  • The re-growth spray, which protects conditions and strengthen the hair from the external.

har vokse clinicall provenIt also protects the scalp from oxidation and inflammation caused by the environmental pollution. In simple terms, it washes the scalp, provides it with nourishment and prevents any hair loss. This makes the hair stronger thicker and a lot.

  • The re-growth supplement helps in the internal mostly.

It delivers nutrients to the hair cells hence nourishes and conditions. This stops any hair loss from occurring and enhances substantial re-growth. It leads to growth of hair that is shiner, strong and thicker.

With these steps, you can be sure that your hair will grow back healthily and safely.

Who can use Har Vokse?


All men and women experiencing hair growth problems or have cases of hair loss and thinning can use Har Voske. However, in the case of people under the age of 16 years, it is advisable for you to seek medical advice. Moreover, if the client has had previous cases of other diseases like diabetics or in conditions like pregnancy and are considering hair loss treatments, they should get advice from the doctor.

How to use Har Vokse?


Har Voske has two steps involved to get the solution. These are the spray and the supplements.

The spray applied twice daily and the supplement taken right after meals. This could change depending on your case like when the doctor says that a high percentage of the medication could be harmful. With this treatment, you could get your desired hair without having to leave the comfort of your home or even spending more money on checkups and other drugs.

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  1. Phil
    16 October, 2012, 08:00 Phil

    I first tried Har Vokse 2 months ago, I must admit I did have my doubts but when you get desperate you are willing to try anything.

    And now I am just buying it again. The results so far are very promising and my hair really does seem to be fighting back.

    Very pleased a great product.

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    • Admin
      17 October, 2012, 21:35 Admin

      Wow…really great and thank you so much for your testimonial. Yes, Har Vokse really does work and safe to use. I am very happy for you :). Please visit us again soon, and thank you again for your Har voke testimonial. Sincerely thank you.

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